Shippers gonna ship

More Office!stuck~

"Red truly suits you." 

"…Shut up."

Office!stuck solkat.

I leave this guy alone for less than a second, and this happens. 


Karkat as a magical girl troll,

And there’s this loser 

The reason why Karkat never smiles.

Karkat as a magical girl troll,

Welp, there goes my spring break. Goodbye freedom. 

Transparent Vantas!

Each time I draw these two, the more I start shipping them. 

Cutie pie

Playtime with Teddy and Phoebe! I decided to let them play with my shoe (don’t worry I’ve never used it). Teddy was nice enough to sit still for the camera. Phoebe one the other hand, not so much. 

Phoebe also gave me quite a scare this afternoon. I decided to let her play on my table, and she ended up falling down the ground. Thank God she’s okei. whew! 

solluxsglasses asked:
oh my god are you even human yoUR ART IS SO BEAUTIFUL

Aaaa thank you! You just made my day

"YoU’Re MoThErFuCkInG sHoRt KaRbRo."


Lately, It’s been too cold to sleep alone.

Sequel to this.